Franck Muller introduces Mystery, a superb limited edition collection that celebrates the colourful characters and unique attributes of the personalities of web 3.0. Mystery speaks to a plurality of viewpoints, and the fluid exchange between the physical and virtual worlds in a collection that combines limited edition NF1 designer avatars, which you are able to use in selected existing and upcoming metaverses, with physical collectibles.


In partnership with Binance, Mystery unveils incredible rewards, from unique NFTs, wearables, physical Franck Muller timepieces, Lux-Club Membership, Factory tour in Geneva, and access to Virtual Private Events.



Join Franck Mullers one-of-a-kind NFT auction and bid for
Uraco, the raging Bitcoin Bull. So full of conviction is Uraco that
he dragged his arch-nemesis the Bear back into history and
beheaded it. Uraco now walks around with his axe in one hand,
and the Bear’s head under his other, as he powers the metaverse
market to new heights.

The winner will receive the exclusive Uraco NFT, along with a
one-of-one Uraco Franck Muller Crazy Hours timepiece with
striking red numerals and strap.



Join Franck Muller one-of-a-kind auction and bid for Aoki
Sloane, the soldier of peace fighting the Harakuma warlords that
threaten the growing Metaverse. She is an early adopter of
bitcoin, an active cryptocurrency trader, and avid gamer.

The winner will receive the exclusive Aoki Sloane NFT, along
with a one-of-one Aoki Sloan Franck Muller Crazy Hours
timepiece with incredible purple and blue accents embellishing
the dial, crown and strap.


Alfred used to be a banker on the wall street for over 20 years doing the same routine every day, trading stocks and forex Until this routine turned him into a zombie, until one day he discovered crypto, which gave him new life and hope, now he walks around all day looking for any crypto he can find.


To stay in the race, Jack the Sailor recognized he needed some sort of supernatural advantage. Using the encryption technology that protects bitcoin, he transformed into the Cyber Hornet, which gave him tremendous superpowers.


High roller celebrates the idiosyncrasies and stories of the challenges faced by the incredible creation that is bitcoin, which has spawned the entire cryptocurrency industry, by narrating tales of the difficulties, successes, and failures.
High roller celebrates the stories of the struggles, victories and failures faced by bitcoin, which has followed the entire journey of the crypto-currency industry.
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